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Spain’s “Left” Critics

spains left critics

Spain’s “Left” Critics by Daily Worker editor JR Campbell and George Orwell and Spain by Bill Alexander, who was commander of the British Battalion of the International Brigade, provide a valuable insight into the political controversies and realities of the Spanish Civil War. JR Campbell’s demolition of the ultra left delusions which infected a section of the British left at the time gives a refreshingly partisan and contemporary account of the struggle to organise solidarity with the Spanish Republic Writing many years later Bill Alexander wrote to counteract the damage that George Owell’s mendacious and highly unreliable Homage to Catalonia done to historical truth. The introduction by Tom Sibley provides a valuable context to the period and discusses George Orwell’s political views and the revelations that he ended his life as an informer who denounced his literary and political contemporaries to the British secret police. £4 per copy plus £2 p+p Bulk orders over 20 copies post free 

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The Life and Times of James Connolly

by C Dlife times connollyesmond Greaves
edited by Anthony Coughlan and published in partnership with the Connolly Association
ISBN 978-1-907464-34-8
£11.50  €10  (plus £2 €2.5 post and packing)