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Challenging the empire apologists

by Andrew Murray

£12.95  (£2 p&p) 150pp 
ISBN 978-1-907464-00-3

Foreword by George Galloway MP


The imperialist urge, rooted in the dynamics of the world economy, continues to cast a long shadow. Andrew Murray subjects the leading pro-imperial historians, including Niall Ferguson, to a withering analysis. He presents an alternative reading of the record of the British Empire, and of other colonial powers, “… the better to develop an understanding as to why the last thing the great majority of the world wants to see is a repetition, however dressed up.”

The history of imperial intervention in the Middle East and the phenomenon of liberal interventionism in general, and Blair’s premiership in particular, is located in a history of argument within the progressive movement concerning imperialism.  The record and role of the “pro-war left” in relation to the Iraq war comes under scrutiny.

Andrew Murray is chair of the Stop the War Coalition