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PIIGS Cover 2PIIGS awakening by Luciano Vasapollo with Rita Martufi and Joaquìn Arriola 

£5 (plus £1.50 p&p)  ISBN 978-1-907464-20-1

PIIGS awakening is the second in a Manifesto Press series dealing with the crisis of the European Union.

The writers are each established authorities with distinguished reputations within both the academic and the labour movement and their proposals carry the endorsement of the most militant sections of Italy’s trade union movement.

In describing the distinctive features of the Italian economy and its capitalist development they present a sharp analysis of the problems of the eurozone and of the particular ways in which the European Union places Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece at a disadvantage.

They go beyond analysis to propose a project that would disrupt the relations of power and subordination in the European Union and weaken the dominance of the euro.

Drawing on the experience of Latin American states and of Kerala in India they propose a changed monetary system.

The authors do not disguise the profound political obstacles that confront such a project and assert that without a radical class confrontation, and an organised subjective force actually able to search for solutions, the system will find new ways to keep the capitalist mode of production alive.

The transition to another mode of production, or, better, the transition to a socialist society implies not only a dramatic crisis, but an organised revolutionary subjectivity, to lead the class towards the way out of the capitalist mode of production.