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ETT 2019 Cover 72dpi
education for tomorrow
for state education
Quarterly journal of progressive education theory and practice
ISSN 2066-914S
New series first issue Winter 2019
£3 per copy plus £2 post and packing
£20 per year (4 issues)
Single or annual
The battle for pedagogy
Dead facts or really powerful knowledge?  Terry Wrigley
Building critical consciousness through dialogic reading in the primary classroom  Phil Yeeles
Challenging neoliberal orthodoxy through creative pedagogy   Jess Edwards
Michael Gove and the implications of ‘elitism’ in education   Ken Jones
An inescapable concern:  The Scottish and English curriculum through the prism of Paolo Freire James Douglas
Pedagogy,  power and control in Welsh education reform  Dave B Morgan
Measured intelligence: moonshine and shadow  Patrick Yarker
No-one’s brain is pink  Kiri Tunks
We need roses too:  student voices in revolutionary Cuba  Aretha Green
Mastery mathematics: but who is the slave?   Julian Williams
What is happening to Early Years education?  Lucy Coleman
In search of a radical pedagogy  Gawain Little
Tony Farsky    Martin Brown