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PIIGS awakening

PIIGS Cover 2PIIGS awakening by Luciano Vasapollo with Rita Martufi and Joaquìn Arriola 

£5 (plus £1.50 p&p)  ISBN 978-1-907464-20-1

PIIGS awakening is the second in a Manifesto Press series dealing with the crisis of the European Union.

The writers are each established authorities with distinguished reputations within both the academic and the labour movement and their proposals carry the endorsement of the most militant sections of Italy’s trade union movement.

In describing the distinctive features of the Italian economy and its capitalist development they present a sharp analysis of the problems of the eurozone and of the particular ways in which the European Union places Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece at a disadvantage.

They go beyond analysis to propose a project that would disrupt the relations of power and subordination in the European Union and weaken the dominance of the euro.

Drawing on the experience of Latin American states and of Kerala in India they propose a changed monetary system.

The authors do not disguise the profound political obstacles that confront such a project and assert that without a radical class confrontation, and an organised subjective force actually able to search for solutions, the system will find new ways to keep the capitalist mode of production alive.

The transition to another mode of production, or, better, the transition to a socialist society implies not only a dramatic crisis, but an organised revolutionary subjectivity, to lead the class towards the way out of the capitalist mode of production.


International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day by Alexandra Kollontai

£2.50 (plus £1.50 p&p)  ISBN978-1-907464-21-8


Following the Russian Revolution, International Women’s Day was established as a national holiday and Alexandra Kollontai became head of the Women’s Department and People’s Commissar for welfare and led the campaign to improve women’s living conditions, eradicate illiteracy and establish a new legal and social framework for women’s liberation. International Women’s Day is now celebrated throughout the world and its close links to the revolutionary struggles of the 20th century become more relevant as systemic crisis grips the capitalist world.
Manifesto Press publishes this reprint of Alexandra Kollontai’s writing on International Women’s Day as part of its
programme to mark the centenary of the October Socialist Revolution.


The Empire and Ukraine

by Andrew Murray

£11.95 (+£1.50 p&p), 138 pp illustrated ISBN 978-1907464133

This book sets the Ukraine crisis in its global and local context, and draws the lessons needed for the anti-war movement as great power conflict returns to Europe and threatens a new cold war or worse. From his decade long vantage point in the leadership of the anti-war movement in the world s second most powerful imperialist military state Andrew Murray explores the essential links between the crises of contemporary capitalism and war. No political question is more important in contemporary Britain. It lies at the heart of controversies in public life and in the Labour movement and it is in this context that Andrew Murray s sharp polemics with those, on both right and left who seek to justify intervention have a particular relevance.

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Hidden From History


Hidden from History

by Peter Frost

£11.95 (+£1.50 p&p), 138 pp illustrated ISBN 978-1-907464-04-1. This books provides a selection of Peter Frost’s Morning Star columns on female heroes – and the occasional villain. Frosty began writing for the world’s only English-language socialist daily paper in 2012, soon covering those figures ignored – or more often censored - by most political history. Stars from the arts like Marilyn Monroe, Sue Townsend and Lauren Bacall sit proudly alongside suffragette heroes and the overlooked women who helped Britain win the war against fascism or played a crucial role in the Easter Rising a century ago.