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Proud Journey: A Spanish Civil War memoir

by Bob Cooney, introduction by Meirian Jump

£5 (+£2 p&p), 124 pages, ISBN 978-1-907464-14-0

Bob Cooney (1907-1984) was a prominent anti-fascist and communist in Aberdeen who joined the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. Published for the first time, “Proud Journey” is his memoir of those turbulent times. It takes us from street clashes with Blackshirts to the battlefields of Spain and the heroism and sacrifice of Cooney and his comrades facing the forces of Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. Written in 1944 and with the Second World War as a backdrop, this is a rousing personal account of one man’s part in the long and bloody fight against fascism that helped define this key period of twentieth century history. Cooney paints an action-packed and politically-charged picture of struggle, solidarity, comradeship – and hope.

Bob Cooney's 'Proud Journey' published in collaboration with Manifesto Press with support from the International Brigade Memorial Trust and UNITE the Union.

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Global Education 'Reform'

Global Education Reform

Building resistance and solidarity

Edited by Gawain Little, foreword by Christine Blower General Secretary National Union of Teachers

£7.99 (+£2 p&p), 126 pages, ISBN 978-1-907464-12-6

Building resistance and solidarity – edited by Gawain Little – explores the neoliberal assault on education and the response of teacher trade unions. It brings together contributions by leading educationalists at the international conference organised by the National Union of Teachers and the Teacher Solidarity Research Collective in 2014.

Contributors include: Professor Susan Robertson University of Bristol; Professor Howard Stevenson University of Nottingham; Dr Lois Weiner New Jersey City University; Angelo Gavrielatos Education International; Professor Hugo Aboites Autonomous Metropolitan University, City of Mexico; Kristine Mayle Chicago Teachers Union; Gawain Little National Union of Teachers; Dr Francisco Dominguez Middlesex University; Maurie Mulheron New South Wales Teachers Federation; Lars Dahlström Umeå, Sweden; Professor Brook Lemma Addis Ababa University; Carol Caref Chicago Teachers Union; Edgar Isch; Larry Kuehn British Colombia Teachers Federation; Ravi Kumar South Asian University